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Diabetes: Cassava Flour and wheat flour

In recent times there have been claims and counter claims on the health effect of   r ather consequences of replacing wheat flour with cassava flour in Nigeria. In fact, two print media reported recently that the House of Representatives rejected a bill on mandatory inclusion of 40 per cent cassava flour in bread because it was alleged to be responsible for rising cases of diabetes in the country. A school of thought says cassava flour has low glycaemic index (GI), is high in calorie and starch and thereby predisposes the consumer to obesity and diabetes. They say cassava can be harmful if it not properly prepared to remove a toxic compound called hydrogen cyanide. Some researchers believe that the cyanide in cassava could cause diabetes, or that it could worsen the health of people who already suffer from diabetes Another school of thought says that if cassava is not properly prepared, it contains toxic compounds that may increase one’s risk of developing diabetes. However,
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Opportunities in Agriculture in Nigeria

List of 10 Agriculture Opportunities In Nigeria, Farming in Nigeria has taken a dramatic turn to a better direction in recent years, creating jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs who dare to go into farming business. Millionaires are currently being made every year through farming in Nigeria and there is certainly no end to the prospects of creating more wealth through farming in the coming years. Agriculture opportunities in Nigeria, There are good reasons why farming in Nigeria is doing very well. Understanding these reasons will help you (no matter where you come from) to think seriously about setting up farm in Nigeria. (GetResponse homepage) 1) There is no any other African country where Farming is as viable as it is in Nigeria in terms of productivity and profitability. 2) There is no other country where farmers are more advantaged as they are in Nigeria as regards demands for the produce. Take a look at my top five reasons wh

How to rear Snail

  Introduction Snail meat has been consumed by humans worldwide since prehistoric times. It is high in protein (12-16%) and iron (45-50 mg/kg), low in fat, and contains almost all the amino acids needed by humans. A recent study has also shown that the glandular substances in edible snail meat cause agglutination of certain bacteria, which could be of value in fighting a variety of ailments, including whooping cough. Edible snails also play an important role in folk medicine. In Ghana, the bluish liquid obtained from the shell when the meat has been removed is believed to be good for infant development. The high iron content of the meat is considered important in treating anaemia. In the past, it was recommended for combating ulcers and asthma. At the Imperial Court in Rome, snail meat visiting dignitaries in the late evening. In West Africa, snail meat has traditionally been a major ingredient in the diet of people living in the high forest belt (the forested area other

Castor Oil For Garden Use: Tips On Treating Pests With Castor Oil

Trying to be a good steward to the earth means minimizing your impact on the natural order of life. We do this in many ways, from driving a low emission car to choosing local foods at our supermarket. Another way to limit any negative influence on the earth is by gardening smart. Use safe, non-toxic herbicides, sustainable gardening practices and natural pesticides. Using castor oil in the garden can be part of good garden management without the potential side effects that commercial formulas may cause. Read on to learn more. What is Castor Oil? For many of us older gardeners, castor oil represents a childhood trial. Once upon a time, mothers gave their children castor oil to regulate digestive health. It was once thought to be good for the digestive system and spoonfuls of the foul stuff were force fed into unwilling children’s mouths. This foul tasting practice has gone out of fashion in favor of other better tasting and morje convenient over the counter remedies, but that d

Part 2 How to grow cassava with maximum yields

Planting at 45o Planting horizontally Step 2: How to produce large quantities of cassava stems Rapid multiplication in a nursery using 2-node cassava stakes. Plant the cuttings at a spacing of 1 m × 1 m on the crest of ridges or mounds as conventionally recommended. This will give a plant population of 10,000 stands/ha. Vertical or angular planting is recommended in areas of high rainfall Horizontal planting is better in dry areas. Rapid multiplication technique can be used to produce large quantities of cassava stems as planting materials for subsequent seasons. Select and use improved, healthy, and pest/disease free cassava stems. Cut the stems into several 2-node or 3-node stakes using secateurs, a sharp knife/machete, or a stake cutting machine. Treat the stakes with available insecticides or fungicides by measuring out the quantities into a container, add water and mix thoroughly. For example, 1kg of Neem leaf powder in 5L of water. Put the stakes into the solution

How to prepare cassava farms for maximum products

Cassava farms Cassava is either the first or the second most important staple food in many sub-Saharan African countries. Cassava production and processing practices remain largely habitual in most of the producing countries despite the high potentials for its commercial production and processing, its export potential, and its use in local industries to reduce import expenditure on substitute imported products. Most cassava farmers are either not aware of available modern technologies for growing and processing cassava or lack the ability to use them. There is also paucity of cassava production specialists, agribusiness experts, processing and, agro-machinery experts to provide advice to farmers, processors, product assemblers, and other value chain actors. The lack of technical advice hinders the ability of small and medium scale farmers to improve value chain efficiency and profitability of their cassava enterprises. It contributes to the inability of most farme